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Địa chỉ: Nguyễn Kiệm

Ngành nghề: Quảng cáo/ Marketing/ PR

Số lượng nhân viên: 10-25

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Thanh Huong_ Director

• Act as the main contact point between DRH and project consultants such as Architect consultant, Engineers and QS for project development & deployment in a professional manner.
• Represent for DRH to deal with design/architecture; Engineering and other Consultants & building supervisors to accomplish the project objectives.
• Prepare Design Brief for each new pipeline project to work with Architect consultant and other consultants.
• Establish a project design management system that allows for controlling the design work and manage/tracking changes during design process
• Set up monitoring & controlling process to meet the project quality/ objectives on time, and on budget with minimum defect.
• Use project management software to monitor project design progress & ensure the work is completed on schedule.
• Good knowledge at international & local codes and standards in order to controlling the design quality for each phase of project
• Good knowledge at local real estate market and competitor to be able to apply for DRH’s projects
• Understand and able to apply current local regulations related to real estate project development for DRH’s real estate project
• Able to prepare design report at the end of each phase of project
• Tightly control project objectives to meet initial quality standard on time & on nudget.
• Measure quantitative & qualitative standards required by project design phase before requesting Finance to make payment to contractors.
• Verify all work have been accomplished as defined & agreed before acceptance.
• Identify likely potential risks and develop risk management plan to minimize the impact of adverse events
• Update and suggest corrective action for the impact due to risk to Management Team in a timely manner.
• Keep track of changes, record the impact and the reason, justify the changes to the management to capture lesion learnt for future projects.
• This position is created with an attempt to help the company effectively deliver all projects including preparation, planning & execution of the projects on time, on budget & on target.
• SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Project Architect, Project Engineer
• ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Interacts with all levels throughout the Departments of DRH for project development

Yêu cầu

• MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: The following are the minimum qualifications which an individual needs in order to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of this position.
• Skills/Education/Experience:
• Tertiary university majoring in Architectural or Science & Civil Engineering/ Construction
• At least more than 5 year experience in the same position
• Project Management skill
• Design management skill
• Priority the candidates have working experience in real estate investors
• Good communication & presentation.
• Good spoken and written English
• Other Information: University Graduation Certificate. Age: 30 - 45
Salary: 35.000.000 - 40.000.000, it depends on candidates’ background
Details will be discussed on the interview

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