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Công ty HR Trí Việt

Địa chỉ: Nguyễn Kiệm

Ngành nghề: Quảng cáo/ Marketing/ PR

Số lượng nhân viên: 10-25

Chi tiết công việc
Làm việc tại
Cấp bậc
Nhân viên
Ngành nghề
Kinh doanh, Giáo giục/ Đào tạo
Loại công việc
Toàn thời gian cố định
Mức lương
15 - 20 triệu
Liên hệ
Ms. Thanh Huong - Director


- Identify training demand and coordinate with the unit, related parts to build training programs in line with business demand and development orientation of the Company;
- Research and advice training programs, effective training to enhance skills and professional qualifications for staff officer of the Company;
- In charge of the integration training for new employees of the Company and to coordinate with the unit, the relevant sections in the formulation and development of staff inherited through training programs and train;
- Arrange and coordinate the organization of the training program was approved at the Company;
- Ensure the effective operation of all work-related training segment of the Company;
- A few other duties and roles as assigned by managers directly.

Yêu cầu


- Male from 30 to 45 years old (Required); with> = 3 years experience,
- Candidates graduated in pedagogy, Education and Training, Human Resources Management, Business Administration, Law ...
- Candidates who have experience training in the company operates in the retail sector, Culture, ...
- Strong knowledge of procedures and training processes;
- There is broad relationship with the Unit, organize training domestic and foreign;
- Ability to communicate well in English (Preferred);

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