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Mã số ứng viên: UV10487

Họ và tên: DANG XUAN HAI

Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director


Marketing Executive

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                                 

Gender                : Male

Day of Birth          :  27.06.1984

Language             : English, Vietnamese.


2003 – 2008

University of Technology HCM

School of Industrial Management – Marketing and Manage


Institude of Applied Marketing

Build Strong Brand


BMG International Education

Professional Digital Marketing


Vietnam Marcom

Digital Marketing


o Synthesize and Analytics

o Planning

o Using Google Adwords and Power Editor (Facebook Ads)

o Team Management

WORD EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                            

5.2015 – 1.2016

Digital Marketing Manager

Tue Duc Oriential Medical JSC

Ho Chi Minh City

Research, evaluate and propose new online channels that suitable for brand and budget:

- To evaluate practicability of new online channels base on approach target customer.

- To evaluate effect of all communication channel to plan 3600 communication for brand.

o Manage and evaluate members in team:

- To manage member’s effect base on KPIs and deadline.

- To arrange member’s position to get goal and improve member’s ability.

- To organize workshop to train skill and knowledge to improve member’s ability.

o KPIs:

- Number of call.

- Budget.

- Traffic website and quality content on website.

- Engagement on fanpage.

- Others KPIs.

12.2014 –5.2015

Project leader


Ho Chi Minh City

o Project client game: TK truyền kỳ

- Making business plan: marketing plan, financial plan, HR plan.

- To recruit collaborators for community (online, offline), PR, forum seeding, design and trade.

- Planning and running advertising plan on Google and Facebook.

- KPIs: NRU, NAU,…

o Project jewelry shop:

- To be consultant for advertising about jewelry shop.

- Running advertising for shop on facebook.

- KPIs: engagement rate, like page

5.2014 –12.2014

Digital Marketing Manager

Hoang Phuc International Ltd.

Ho Chi Minh City

Planning online communication

- Making online research customer behavior.

- Reading report market research.

- Combining result of market research and result of customer behavior to build content idea and chosing suitable communication channel.

- Making master plan, detail plan and action plan.

o Deploying, control and evaluate

- Executing online communication campaign.

-  Using Google Adwords and Power Editor to set up advertising on Google (Search and GDN), Youtube and Facebook.

- Using Google Analytics, Facebook Insights to summarize, analyse and evaluate effect of communication campaign and then optimizing communication plan.

o Research, evaluate and propose new online channels that suitable for brand and budget:

- To evaluate practicability of new online channels base on approach target customer.

7.2013 – 4.2014

 Brand Manager

FPT Online Corp.

Ho Chi Minh City

Launching 3D client game:

- Doing market research, competitor research and analytic product to do SWOT.

- Doing research habit and customer behavior to make content direction, improve product feature and chosing right communition channels.

- Working with Operation team to make sale forecast and making improve product timeline. Working with PR team, Media team, Trade team to make launching plan.

- Launching and controlling budget and KPIs.

o KPIs:

- Number of installed computer.

- NRU, NAU,…

- Revenue.

9.2009 – 7.2013 

Data Analyst

Marketing Executive

Senior marketing executive

VNG Corp

Ho Chi Minh City

o Data Analyst:

- Monitoring data through CSM platform and making analyst dashboard about game market base on company, kind of game,...

- Setting up advertising through CSM platform.

- Using Google Analytics to evaluate effect of communication campaign.

- Doing market research base on requesting of products.

o Marketing Executive:

- Organizing offline event to build up community.

- Planning and execution activations to gain loyalty of community, ex: organizing workshop, air “loyalty customer” program, get customer’s idea to improve product features.

o Senior marketing executive:

- Doing yearly marketing plan.

- To present and propose budget.

- To co-ordinate others team to run campaign and improve product.




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