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Mã số ứng viên: UV10830

Họ và tên: HUỲNH CAO THẾ

Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director



Production Assistant Manager

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

Gender                 : Male

Day of birth           : 01-03-1980

Language              : English, Vietnamese.



University of Technology

Complete and granted the Diploma of Electro_Mechanical Engineering


University of Technology

Learning as an Automation Engineering but I’ve still not completed yet.

Certificate of English : level A - language skills in middle level.

Certificate of Computing : Microsoft Office, AutoCAD (2D&3D)

Other certification : basic training of safety in operating lifting-equipments course,

Mid-management training course, Quality controlling training course.

Over basic training about : 5S, GMP, SAM, HACCP…


o Team work.

o Creative

o Sharp-witted.

o Honest, gentle,helpful.

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                       

04/2012- present 

Production Assistant Manage

Asia Packaging Industries Co., Ltd (at My Phuoc II industrial zone)

Ho Chi Minh City

o Take care 2M in 5M: MAN (Discipline, Leave, Crew arrangement,..) and METHOD (WI, OPL, SOP, ISO system..).

o Leading Project of HFI & Spoilage reduction.

o Member of Continuous improvement team. o Troubles shooting: investigation root cause of troubles, find solutions and cooperate with related department for applying. Feedback to Customers throughout connection of QA, Sale department.

o Control all activities of Sort-Can team in recovering HFI product; recycle Chipboard, Wodden pallet & top frame

o Approval leading: connect Pre-press, Ink Suppliers, machine operation in approving new design.

o Control working environment (safety, 5S,etc..) 


Production Supervisor

Asia Packaging Industries Co., Ltd (at My Phuoc II industrial zone)

Ho Chi Minh City

o Supervising and controlling shift manufacturing team to run element line as production plan.

o Respond effectively and immediately to problems and disruptions within the production line and to quality issues.

o Leading improvement team to reduce loss time and increase productivity.

o Lead the team to reach production target.

o Control working environment (safety, 5S,etc..) Participate trouble shooting for machine malfunction and quality problem Lead the team to perform standardization. Motivate operators.

o Report machines troubles and ideas for improving.

o Follow up maintenance for Decorator printing machine. 


Production Shift Leader

Asia Packaging Industries Co., Ltd (at My Phuoc II industrial zone)

Ho Chi Minh City

Getting the manager staff believing, I was appointed to be a Team Leader.

Main duty:

o Train new members about the process and the ones who will operate Printing machine.

o Cooperate with the foreigner engineer in installing, solving problem, improving the machines.

o Cooperate with QC dept. in product quality controlling

o Maintain the Line working in high performance as good as possible.

o Report directly to Process manager assistant.


Skill operator

Asia Packaging Industries Co., Ltd (at My Phuoc II industrial zone)

Ho Chi Minh City

o I was sent to Indonesia for learning about the two-piece can making process. After come back to Vietnam, I helped them in company building and machine installing.

o On December, the cans production process was online. I’ve been learning and working with Japanese Team and Indonesian Team in Printing Process. 


Process operator III

NESTLE Co., Ltd (at Bien Hoa industrial zone II)

Ho Chi Minh City

o Main job is keeping the machine run in high efficiency, cooperate with QA dept. to manage the quality.

o A good working environment, good rate of salary, some internal training to increase working skills… and more things that I was received at this good company. I‘ve been growing more and more. 

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