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Mã số ứng viên: UV15465


Giới tính: Nữ

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director



Brand Manager

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

Gender                 : Female

D.O.B                   : 11-11-1982


- June 2013: Certificate of Completion – Digital Marketing - solution of optimal marketing with a limited budget for Vietnam enterprises - BMG

- September 2008: Certificate of Brand manager – I.A.M

- January 2006: Certificate of sale communication skill – HCMC Economics University

- December 2005: Bachelor of economic – Nha Trang University.



- English – good skills.


- MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint…- Good skills

- Corel, Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrators – Pre intermediate


- Ability to work independently and good teamwork.

- Good presentation skills.

- Acceptable for high pressure of work.

- Management complex projects to agreed deadline.

- Be willing to work at weekends due to urgent tasks

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                        

Jan 2012 to Present 



Ho Chi Minh City

The Main tasks:

- Responsible for strategizing and orient the communication in 5 years to Vera Brand

- Build the position and management of Vera Brand

- Responsible for making the Marketing plan and apportioning budget yearly

- Responsible for orienting products and goods plan every season.

- Responsible for doing the market research and demand of customers to orient the products for next season

- Responsible for doing the competitor research to get the policy or strategy to support sales department timely

- Deploy all marketing activities to ensure turnover and marketing budget effectively

- Training and leading the brand spirit internal marketing

The Concrete tasks:

- Maintaining brand image in accordance with the brand guidelines

- To develop Marketing plan & to apportion Marketing budget in October yearly.

- To correct, update and report Marketing activities on the fifth day monthly

- To uphold the strategy and orientation that Vera Brand defined once every 3 years. To show the communication messages & Marketing activities consistently.

- Base on the marketing objectives, approved to build the new ideas for the marketing activities creatively and effectively; build the branding, communication, advertisements, promotions, stores, customer relationship management…

- According to the marketing strategy, planning appropriate actions to increase the awareness for the brand in the segment of end users with the marketing tools: advertising, PR, events, sponsor, direct mail... specially emphasis on digital marketing tools

- Appreciate the goods and stock level each season.

- Appreciate the demands of current and potential customers

- Define the goods orientation each season, deploy the goods of all types, detail price policy

- Find out about competitors: products, message, position, turnover, design, promotion programs…

- Find out about objective customers: habit, hobby, consumer behavior, lifestyle, shopping habits…

- Implement detailed marketing plan quarterly. Be approved on last quarter the tenth of month

- Deploy the marketing plans to other departments in/out marketing department.

- Following the business situation to have the suitable business policy to ensure the target monthly, quarterly.

- Manage/control marketing budget and appreciate the effect of marketing program: Communication, promotion, advertisement, window display, repair store, POSM… and report the complete program after 7 days.

- The frequency of salesclerk training organization, to make them become professional salesclerks.

- Training for salesclerks about counseling skills, customer relationship management, products display perfect services monthly.

- Training for salesclerks about the products

- Build relationships with the media organizations

- Researching the target audience to provide direction for R & D and develop product strategy for New Collection


- Organized the “Bí Mật Sự Quyến Rũ” event at Movenpick hotel and introduce the new collection successfully

- Sold out 65% of the new collection Successfully in the first 3 months of launching products

- Maintaining brand image is always “top of mind” in lingerie field

- Develop the successful promotion programs to get achieve 96%, set target by the board of Director

- Developed the customer relationship managements successfully

- Developed the associated programs with other brand to pull the new customers

Jan 2008-Dec 2011



Ho Chi Minh City

Main job:

- Conceptualize creative ideas into the project proposals that meet client’s needs, and join in brainstorming to conceptualize creative ideas.

- Planning advertising for brands, campaign,… and booking the detailed plan on TV, News, Radio and Online

- To manage the activities related to the organization of events in the project team, offering ideas for advertising and marketing programs.

- Making the project plan to present the ideas to customers.

- To supervise the activities of projects, training & guiding staff and design department to implement the ideas of programs.

- To combine with other department to make a plan and take responsibility for implementation of communication plans: Press, television and internet, websites…

- To collect the market information, competition and proposal for marketing campaign to develop the business activities.

Chu Thi Co produced the shows below:

- "Suc song moi" show broadcast on VTV1 from Monday to Friday every week

- “Suc song moi" magazine and "Suc song moi" website

- "Nguoi Noi Tro Tai Ba" game show broadcast on THVL1 every Sunday

- "Gia Dinh phep thuat" séries broadcast on HTV7 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

- "Yêu thương cuộc sống" talkshow on HTV9 every Tuesday

- "Chung toi muon biet" gameshow on HTV7 every Monday


- Smart branding for Milo brand in the “Gia Dinh Pep Thuat” film.

- Joined in implementing “Nguoi Noi Tro Tai Ba” gameshow, broadcast on THVL1 every Sunday with Sunlight sponsor.

- Exploited and improved the business “Gia Đình Phép thuật” series and achieved high sale equal 25 billion.

- Organized “warming up school yard” events around the Junior of HCM City

- Performed “light up the city” event: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008

- Opening ceremonies for the Nguyễn Huệ flower festival “Xuan Thinh Vuong” music show 2008: Brought together over 100 singers, actors, models and dancers, such as: Cẩm Vân, Đan Trường, Quang Linh, Hồ Ngọc Hà, AC&M, 90 minutes tele-broadcast on HTV7.

Nov 2006-Jan 2008



Ho Chi Minh City

Main job:

- Set up and implement the advertising & promotion plan for the assigned product within marketing budget

- To improve the packing of products and ensures the achievement of Brand Awareness, Brand Images and Brand Preference of assigned brands.

- Assists in planning and executing all trade and consumer marketing activities such as new product launching, consumer & trade promotions, media advertising, and sponsorship... in accordance with Company strategies & guidelines and within advertising & promotion budget as well as marketing plan.

- Co-operate with relevant departments in the development of new products, variants and packaging in order to react to market and competitors' changes; and ensures the smooth implementation of brand programs, and effective implementation of customer supporting

- Co-operates with Sales Department in developing product display, merchandising & point of sales materials, selling tools and competitors' racks

- Liaising with authorities to get approval for implementing marketing activities (out door and indoor advertising, promotion, sampling campaigns...); co-operate with the third parties in planning and implementing all products development, innovation and advertising strategies in line with Company's strategies

- Conducts market research projects to gain understanding of consumer's perceptions, usages and attitudes; makes project and develops effective marketing tactics to respond to market's changes and requirements

- Works with customer service team and Sales team and makes regular market visits to enhance market understanding, Keeps contact with sales force; follows up the market changes and proposes activities relating to trade marketing to meet the customers' demand about the quantity, kind, and point of sales on time

- Maintains up-to-date competitors advertising and merchandising materials and Marketing activities

- Building bis-brand identity system such as signboard, décor all showrooms, banner, office stationery (envelop, pen, letterhead, name card…)…

- Implements market research plans for survey about company’s products.


- Built a nationwide advertising signboard for the outlet and lorry

- Decorated 3 showrooms in 3 areas: Ha Noi, Da Nang, HCMC

- Implemented change on office stationery (envelop, pen, letterhead, name card…)

- Implemented a TVC for Mature sanitary napkin (new product)

- To implement the Promotional campaigns so that we could step up with high sales for sanitary napkin products, make up removing products…

- Achieved the title of HVNCLC, Thuong Hieu Viet… voted by consumer

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