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Mã số ứng viên: UV17423


Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director



Sale Manager

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                                 

Gender                : Male

Day of Birth          : June 20th, 1976

Language             : English, Vietnamese



Ho Chi Minh Economics University

Bachelor of Economic, major in Business Administration


HCM Pedagogy University

Certificate of English, Level C


HCM Pedagogy University

Certificate of Microsoft Office, Level B


The Foreign University HaNoi

Certificate of Marketing Management and E-marketing Practices online course



Certificate of SEO MASTER course


PACE –Institute of Leadership &Management.

Certificate of Chief Customer Officer


o Marketing online,email marketing, advertising and brand, image,product on social networking sites, on google.

o Communication, negotiation, presentation skills

o Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines

o Have a high sense of responsibility

o Be willing to work over time and at weekends due to urgent tasks

o Skill to set up business strategy, marketing strategy.

o Team-working skills, team-leader skills..

o Training and coaching skills to staff.

o Computer literacy: Microsoft Office (Words, Excel, and PowerPoint).

WORD EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                            


Sales Manager joint stock company.

Ho Chi Minh City

o Planing and developing a distribution system Electrical Appliances with Arirang Life brand for supermarkets, market channels, online sales channels, in collaboration with the e-commerce channel sales as,, ...

o Planning sales for each month, quarter and year for the company, responsible for sales targets before CEO.

o In conjunction with the marketing department set up the promotions for the channel market and supermarket channels to stimulate demand, increased sales to distributors and resellers.

o Contact offers, price negotiations, assessment of client distribution capabilities for deciding which discount rate.

o Monitoring the situation of market fluctuations, pricing and product design of the competitors.

o Check the terms of the contract before sending to CEO sign a contract.

o Regular come to meet or make a call to customer asking inquiries in order to create good relationships with supermarket customers, the company's agent.

o Develop a KPI’s policy based on the job description for the Sales department.

o Recruit, train, supervise and support the daily work of the sales staff.

o Monitoring the payment situation of customers.

o Write a weekly and monthly report for CEO

 07/2103 - 01/2015

Director Assistant

Truong Do Thanh Washing Co,ltd

Ho Chi Minh City

o  Setting up a business strategy to enlarge customer system for the company.

o Planning of target sales for each month, quarter and year for the company, responsible for sales targets to the Director.

o Participating in the meetings of all departments with the director, take notes and give ideas to implement work better in every departments.

o Research and make a plan for marketing “capital washing” brand.

o Contacting for offers garment companies, washing samples, price and delivery time negotiation to the customer.

o Building the KPI’s policy depend on job description sheet for sales department.

o Participating in the forums on the site to write some articles about advertising of washing , PR “Capital washing” brand.

o Managing a company website, writting articles, news, posting product pictures on the website.

o Recruiting, trainning, supervising and supporting the daily work of business staff.

o Tracking to the date of payment of the customers.

o Report weekly and monthly to the Director



Minh Tung Vina Production Trading and Service Co,ltd.

Ho Chi Minh City

o  Setting business strategy for company to developing two fields : trading fabric for garment companies and sewing uniforms, fashion clothes depend on buyer’s orders.

o Monitoring and management of the daily work of sales department, HR department, accounting department, planning production department, all activities happening in company.

o Setting up regulations, company policies about salary, remuneration and KPI evaluation criteria for each department.

o Tracking customer debts and monthly sales targets of business department.

o Handling all customer complaints about quality and delivery schedule.

o Finding weaving companies, textile companies, dyeing companies to make the closed process of ordering raw fabric, then bringing it to dyeing companies , and then selling finished fabric for other companies.

o Recruiting and training some skills for new employees.

o Operating and solving all problem in the meeting of departments, in the factory.

o Finding and bargaining to best price with accessory suppliers for production.

o Searching export customers through foreign websites as,,

o Negotiating and signing all sales contracts in local and global.

o Monitoring the schedule of export date and ensuring exporting in time.

o Finding and negotiating the export fee with logistic companies, checking all information on the document before signing to inform the Customs.

o Controlling the balance of cash in the accounting department, monitoring the payment of customer, ensuring all document, all Red invoice have no trouble with the Tax authority.

o Keeping the good relationship with all the buyers, the suppliers, making them satisfy with all standards of customer.

o Making good external relations with the local authority,Tax authority, labour authority, buyers, suppliers,new agencies, newspapers..

o Being responsible for the profit, maintaining all machines, all equipement,the development of company to the General Director.

o Writing weekly reports, monthly reports to a General Director

o Achievement : Signing a lot of big sales contract such as Fico construction corp, Nutifood corp, DHL co,ltd, Viet Uc Foreign language school…and many export contracts with Tiger Claw’s, Blue House’s buyer…


Chief of business department

Toung Loong Textile

Ho Chi Minh City

o Building up business strategy for each quarter and each year.

o Monitoring and management of the daily work of 10 sales excutives in Ho Chi Minh area and southwest area

o Bargaining negotiating with the client to sign a contract to provide all kinds of thread for garment companies and shops, agent..

o Tracking the debt of customer and reminding salesman collecting money Handling all doubtful debts.

o Take care customers to get well relationship and handling complaints of different color thread.

o Ensuring achieving monthly sales target in Ho Chi Minh area and southwest area.

o Prepare weekly & monthly sales reports to a Sales Director.



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