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Mã số ứng viên: UV459ca


Giới tính: Nữ

Nơi làm việc: Hà Nội

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Thanh Huong_ Director




Building Manager

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

Gender                 : Female

D.O.B                    : July 20, 1980



kỹ năng lãnh đạo


Thang Long Private University
B. A. degree, English Business Dept
Years of training: 4 years
Types of training: Business English
Foreign Trade University
B.A. degree, Faculty of Economics and International Business Dept
Years of training: 3.5 years
Types of training: Import-Export Techniques 

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                       


Aug 2013 – Present

Institution: Savills Viet Nam

Post: Property Manager of Office Building


- Manage project well and maintain all the time

- Handle customer inquiries and complains on daily operations. Work with related departments and feedback solution and corrective actions to customer timely according to the Company procedures and service standard.

- Provide high level professional customer service to ensure customer’s satisfaction 

- Provide help and advice to customers using the company’s services

- Input customer’s contact details and plot details on the database

- Maintain all Lease/ Contracts, correspondences and ensure they are kept up to date

- Prepare the handover packs, plan and do hand-over to the tenants and customers

- Ensure all the tenants, customers, constructors, suppliers and visitors aware of all regulations applicable for residential, office building project including but not limited to safety, guest registration, public areas and fitting-out, renovation and repairs issues

- Take care of all public facilities provided to the services areas

- Able to communicate effectively with customers 

- Join weekly operation meeting and take immediate actions

- Deal with the supplier/contractors for procurement activities to ensure all services/ products are performed and functioned properly and in a professional, including air-conditioning system, fire equipment, electric and pumping system, generators, fire alarm, security system, contracting for maintenance services and all other common services relating to the project.

- Handle the recruitment process and train the new and existing onsite staffs

- Manage, assist and supervise work of staffs to ensure they are well acknowledge of their duties, responsibilities to implement correctly policies and working process and career development plan

- Provide front desk training to Front Desk Receptionist

- Work with HR to define training needs and ensure that these are implemented. Provide in-services and/ or continuing education for the staff to enhance their skill and knowledge

- Prepare and submit yearly profit and loss budget to the developer and endeavor to manage and operate the project within the approved budget for the entire year

- Implement other tasks assigned reasonably by Head of Department

April 2012 – July 2013

Institution: ILA Viet Nam

Post: Office Manager


- Manage material, resource for teaching such as: Books, DVD, CD,  Flashcards…

- Manage stationary, motorbike parking ticket, pantry, cleaning staffs …

- Manage office equipment and systems such as photo, print, air-condition, electricity and arrange maintenance services

- Handle Teaching Assistant recruitment in accordance with the company’s policies

- Provide Teaching Assistant with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages, opportunities for promotion, employee benefits and issue codes for new Teaching Assistant

- Manage probation report completion

- Prepare labor contract, documents for new hire processing and termination processing

- Manage Teaching Assistant staffs and do salary for them

- Complete HR reports and submit HR Manager on time

- Arrange class rooms, teachers, teaching assistants for new classes

- Manage & update class, student, teacher, teaching assistant…  information on school soft of ILA

- Support Academic Manager in daily work

March 2009 – March 2012

Institution: Ericsson Viet Nam

Post: Project Administrator


- Arrange cars, hotels, air tickets.. for business trip of staffs to inspect sites and control schedule upon manager's request

- Book accommodation, visa for foreigner staffs to work at Viet Nam

- Be in charge of all office supply for departments such as stationery, cards, cabinets…

- Deal with relevant designers and contractors to collect over 2000 site’s documents, drawings & keys of Viet Nam mobile’s project and keep all documents in order

- Manage & maintain document control system, procedures and process for the project

- Be in charge of supporting work for project as request of Project Manager

May 2006 – March 2009

Institution: Jones Lang Lasalle

Post: Facilities Manager


- Develop positive relationship and provide good services for client - Nortel company

- Assist in supporting the day-to- day operation of Nortel’s office

- Manage office equipment and systems such as photo, print, air-condition, electricity and arrange maintenance services

- Control company security system

-  Manage stationery, pantry, printing, car & motorbike parking tickets, office cleaning staffs

- Liaise with building management If the office has problems and find solutions

- Assist in developing and implementing Nortel’s policies

- Handle incoming and outgoing telephone calls

- Distribute all incoming & outgoing letters.

- Maintain good communication with visitors, guests & work as receptionist.

- Coordinate schedule and agenda for meetings

-  Buy office equipments, tools…and do Purchase Order in JDE system

- Follow up with suppliers to ensure deliverable goods on time.

- Manage in and out movements of purchase and stored goods

-  Follow up clients on collection of invoices

-  Record, process payments and file financial documentation in accordance to Jones Lang Lasalle’s policy

-  Do budget planning every quarter. Monitor actual expenses and ensure that it is in line with approved budget and manage administrative petty cash, office budget

- Find the suppliers to purchases materials, equipment, services,…following the company’s and purchase’s procedures.

- Collect quotations of suppliers to evaluate, analyze and select the best supplier who can provide goods with best prices, good quality as well as delivery time as requirement for Nortel

- Negotiate the terms of payment… with suppliers to get good conditions.

- Follow up the contract implementation including price, delivery, quantity, quality, payment, warranty.

- Manage and maintain good relationships with suppliers, frequently evaluate vendors in terms of price, delivery, quality of products, quality of service and suppliers’ capacity.

-  Manage all clients’ contracts and do contracts renewal every year

- Update monthly financial data and send finance reports to financial manager

-  Meet monthly reporting deadlines about purchase activities …

October 2005 - May 2006

Institution: New Orient Tour Company                                    

Post: : Inbound Tour Operator 


- Design tour programs, make quotes and provide information regarding tour programs when agents request.

- Send greeting letters and tour programs to new agents to sell travel products.

- Arrange travel, accommodation, restaurants, cars, boats for tourists and ensure all clients requirements are catered for.

- Gather, research, analyze all data, travel information, tour programs necessary to create tour packages for company tour brochures.

- Build and maintain good relationship with suppliers of company to keep products, services in high level standard.

- Manage drivers and cars of company.

- General administrative work.

- Carry out duties as required by Manager

February 2004 - September 2005:

Institution: Vung Tau Tourist Company

Post: Reservation Department


- Make all service bookings: hotels, restaurants, cars and boats.

- Follow up suppliers to get confirmation and check price of services on receiving their confirmation according to contracts.

- Build and maintain good relationship with suppliers.

- Receive and answer client's requests.

- Handle reservations/requirement from customers on phone or email.

- Support to manager in daily operations and general administrative duties.



 Translate business documents into English and vice- versa.

 Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Power point and Outlook.

 Able to work as good team player and work under pressure.

 Have a strong planning focus and organizational approach to my work.

 Strong interpersonal communication skills.

 Have experience in negotiating effectively with external contractors.

 Able to work in fast paced environment with strong adaptability and flexibility skills.

 Enjoy working in an active and creative environment.

 Able to adapt quickly to a changing environment through being sensitive to customer needs, self-confident and always keen to develop new skills.


 Translate Vietnamese economic contracts into English or vice versa.

 Have skills and experience in managing buildings.

 Have experience in dealing with multinational customers and ability to communicate with people in a professional manner

 Able to identify problems and quickly solving

 Manage administration and office including stationery, pantry, printing, supplies, office cleaning staff….and procurement activities

 Undertake the repair and maintenance of office, building equipment and systems

 Have experience with financial management including budget planning, administrative petty cash…

  Able to persuade and influence others.

 Have good skills in leadership, management, staff development and training. 

 Strong time management, presentation and organizational skills.

 Collect quotations of suppliers to evaluate, analyze and select the best supplier who can provide goods with best prices, good quality as well as delivery time as requirement

 Effectively communicate, negotiate with suppliers to obtain the most beneficial value proposition when sourcing goods and services for the company.

 Build and maintain strong working relationships with suppliers

 Operate tours, customize tour programs and source quotes for services.

 Effectively manage booking, ticketing and general tour requirements for clients.

 Able to work efficiently with all level of organization as a good team player

 Assist senior management in delivering on business objectives.

 Report to Director as required.

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