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Mã số ứng viên: UV62226

Họ và tên: VÕ THỊ KIM THOA

Giới tính: Nữ

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director




HR Manager

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

Gender                 : Female

D.O.B                    : 5th February 1984


 Good relationship with Government Offices

 Skillful in using MS office and normal HR software

 Knowledge of local employment and Hr law and legal requirements.

 Profound knowledge of strategies and execution processes to recruit, to train, to develop and to manage staff to required levels.

 Strong problem solving, interpersonal and negotiation

 Strong organization management skill

 High Team Spirit and Cooperative.

 Hard Working and patient.

 Studious and Considerate.

 Willing to learn and work under high pressure.


University : Da Nang Foreign Language University

Period : 1998-2002

Major : BA Computer

Skills : MS Office. Extra

Skill : Accountant HR Skill : HR Pro Certificate 

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                       

Period : From 2014 to present (3 year experience of HR Manager)

Company : DSM Vina Company Limited

Position : Hr - Admin Manager

 Achievements: Although I’m the first Vietnamese person who working at the company from start-up time, with my enthusiasm, the efficient utilization of the knowledge, experience and relationships, so far the company has come into stable operation with nearly 200 officers and employees. 

 Key Responsibilities:

1. Recruiting and Selection

 Determining present needs, preparing job descriptions, recruiting and interviewing candidates and analyzing long range needs, helping management explore more cost

 Range needs, helping management explore more cost

 Effective staffing alternatives

2. Training and development:

 Proving opportunities internally or externally for staff at all levels to develop skills and move into more challenging positions, helping staff decide whether or not they wish to advance within the organization, to determine appreciate training needs, and to provide corresponding training experiences.

3. Performance appraisal:

 Evaluating an employee’s job performance, and taking action to correct poor performance. Performance appraisals provides more inputs for determining individual training needs and development goals, and, also, is used for making decisions about promotions, lay off and pay increases.

 Department manager and supervisors are responsible for evaluating their staff. The Hr department assists by developing effective performance appraisal systems, and forms, by ensuring that all manager and supervisor conduct appraisal, and by training them how to do so.

4. Labor/ Employee relations:

 Resolving grievances and disputes, negotiating with individuals over changes in the labor contract, and proving advice to top management on the labor relation policies and strategies.

 Providing a wide array of programs that include promoting health and safety food services, social events, employee suggestion systems and counseling services.

5. C & B compliance:

 Establishing and maintaining pay and fringe benefits levels

 Assisting in controlling costs by developing a compensation plan that will balance the needs of employees with the needs of resources of the company.

 Assist in recruitment new employees and executing orientation to new staff.

 Preparing legal documents relating to employment (including labor contract, work permit, compensation, social insurance and health insurance, reward ...)

 Regularly update Government’s decree, regulation, decision of Labor law and implement in company.

 Take care of Visa, Work Permit for Foreigners employees.

Period : From 2012 to December, 2013 ( 3 year experience)

Company : Heerim Architects & Planners

Company Project : Ministry of Foreign Affairs Headquarter Project

Position : HR -Admin Senior Executive 

 Achievements: with the awareness of the importance of work in government project, where progress and quality were the top priority, I had fulfilled my responsibility for HR and administrative job and was appreciated by Director and the Owner’s officers.

 Key Responsibilities :

 Plan for HR budget.

 To manage the department ensuring staff comply with HR policies

 Ensure the C&B compliance with employment law/regulations

 To develop & implement recruitment process in order to attract the most qualified candidates for position vacancies.

 Maintain a pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys, scheduling and conducting job evaluations; preparing pay budget; monitoring and scheduling individual pay actions; recommending, planning and implementing pay structure revisions.

 Ensure planning, monitoring, and appraisal of employee work results by training managers to coach and discipline employees; scheduling management conferences with the employees and supervisors

 Controlling Bills, tender documents, petty cash and make monthly reports to Accounting department.

 To recruit the qualified personnel for each department based on the personnel requisition form approved by the department head and project Director.

 To analyze the resort manpower requirements in order to recommend on selection and development activities to meet those requirement

 To ensure that the internal training programs are conducted as planned to improve staff knowledge and necessary skills up to the resource and management company standard

 Maintain good working relations with all departments and all external contacts: Government officials, labor, tax, immigrant and lawyer’s office, Hr association.

 Checking working time, labor contract, salary table and monthly office expenses.

 Preparing legal documents relating to employment (including labor contract, work permit, compensation, social insurance and health insurance, reward ...)

 Regularly update Government’s decree, regulation, decision of Labor law and implement in company.

Period : May, 2010 to December, 2011

Company : Apave Asia - Pacific Viet Nam

Project : Victoria Building Project Position : Project Secretary

 Key Responsibilities:

 Document Controller.

 Records Filling & Arrangement.

 Facility management and Office expenses management

 General cleanliness of the office.

 Interpreter in the meeting and make the Minutes of Meeting

 Translating documents, letters into Vietnamese – English and vice versa

 Making daily/weekly/monthly reports to Head Office

 Other works assigned by Project Manager.

Period : March, 2007 to December, 2009 Company : Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd

Project : Doosan Heavy industries Vietnam Factory PJT \

Position : Assistant Manager of Planning & Cost Control Dept

 Achievements: Be honored in receiving reward of excellent staff of year.

 Key Responsibilities

 Contribute to prepare the bidding documents and held the bidding meetings.

 Making the Sub-contract Agreement of construction items.

 Controlling the Sub-contractors in execution.

 Interpreter in daily, weekly and monthly meetings with sub-contractors and making the minutes of meeting.

 Making the monthly progress payment to contractors.  Records Filling & Arrangement.

 Arranging and orientating for the newcomers: sitting place, telephone, mail-box, orientation, etc.

 Assistance responsibilities for Manager which includes travel, scheduling, meeting planning, translating, memo drafting and other correspondence.

 Coordinating with other departments to organize events for company such as NewYear party, Family Day, etc.

Period : September 2003 to July 2007

School : Tran Phu High School, Da Nang City

Position : English Teacher

Key Responsibilities

 Teaching of English

 Senior mistress

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