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Mã số ứng viên: UV62779


Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director


Production Manager

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                                 

Gender                : Male

Day of Birth          :  22/06/1980

Language             : English, Vietnamese.



PACE Institute of Management

CPO Certificate


SAM college training

PPS Certification: Professional production supervisor


MTC college training

Leaders hip Certification-Foreman management.


TOA Paint Viet Nam

6 Sigma Greenbelt


Internal Audit ISO by TUV

Internal audit Certification – ISO 9001 and 14000


HCMC Technology University- Viet Nam

Major: Electrical Engineering


Ha Noi of mining and geology University – Vietnam.

Major: Petrolium Chemical Engineering


o Communication

o Persuasion and negotiation

o Time Management

o Teamwork

o Work independently

o Planning

o Problem Solving

o Leadership

o Conflict Management

o Staff Training

o Continueous

o Improvement

WORD EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                            

7/2014 - present

Production Manager

Dafi Tropicdane Furniture Company

Ho Chi Minh City

o In charge and direct manage of 1 production plants of outdoor and indoor furniture, Including: Cutting, Shape drill, Assembly, Finishing, Packing

o Manage Maintanence Team

o Manage MOQ team

o Total employee: 350 people

o Capacity of factory: 40-45 container per month (Outdoor: 70%, indoor: 30%)

o Report to FM

3/2013 - 7/2014

Production Manager 

Thien Hong Company - Subsidiary Openasia Group | Binh Duong, Vietnam

Binh Duong Province

o In charge and direct manage of 1 plants : Main products : Furniture.

o Plans, coordinates , and supervises activities involving of total production line of: Preparation phase, Sanding Phase, Spray phase.

o Manage Production team achived quantity and quality.

o Manage PPIC team to make Planing and inventory control, ETP and packing list, MRP….

o Manage Matainnence team (including HSE) for maintain equipment and building in good condition. And make sure safety for all activities .

o Manage QC team to make sure all of products achived STD, and control mixing color team to arrange paint and vanish for production team.

o Manage Store (Raw material store and WH& Logictis ) team to ensure all of RM and FG had controlling. Make sure JIT.

o Manage HR team to record working time and CB for all of employee, and maitain Company regulation.

o Develop quality and efficiency of as sociates , prepare and provide them with the necessary skill and training and plan manpower requirement.

o Develop efficiency of subordinates , provide those necessary help and training and recruit new manpower.

o Maintain good relations and s upport with all employees at any level for the overall benefits

o Res pons ibility s etup and maitain all of capex and KPI of factory. Report to BOD.

o Manage direct team (QC, Production & Planing, HR, Maintanence, Store (Raw material store and WH& Logictis ) Supervisors . Total Operation employee ~ 220 Peoples


o Re-set system of company (Report system, Hr policy, and regulation)

o Re-classify workers level and implementation training certification program for all direct workers (WCP)

o Incres ing productivity 30 percent comperis on with before.

3/2009 - 3/2013

Production Manager

TOA paint Viet Nam | Binh Duong, Vietnam

Binh Duong Province

o  In charge and direct manage of 1 production plants : Solvent Paint Plants (Organization: 80 employee work on shift)

o Organize, direct, control and evaluate production operations

o Make production plan based on production plan of PPIC Department

o Monitor production operations by assigning jobs to Supervis or/Officer

o Motivate, supervise, and coach subordinate on tasks , share and advison problem solving solutions, monitor and evaluate performance, evaluate, review, propose and gain approval of subordinate performance evaluation, promotion, salary increase, bonus and competency assess ment in order to ensure independent and dedicated workforce and creating an effective and efficient team

o Implement production methods and standard work instructions

o Maintain corporate disciplines, company policies and procedures to creative a productive, organized, clean and safe environment.

o To implement of ISO 9001, ISO 14000 HSE and 5S Activities

o Building Department KPI, Budget and implement, report month to month.

o Manage 3 direct report (Managers : Monthly report, KPI update and action plan, Quarter and haft year report…), total working employee of Solvent Paint Plants ~ 80 Peoples work on official time and shift


o Re-classify workers level and implementation training certification program for all direct workers

o Improve % Yeild of Lacquer/ Enamel products from 93.5 to 97% (From Oct’11 to May’12), this project with annual direct saving 50K #US.

8/2005 - 3/2009

Production Supervisor/ Assitance Production Manager


Binh Duong Province

Main Responsible:

o Fuji Denso is a Japan company which serves customers furniture indoor and outdoor furniture.

o Manage Finishing section (8 line)

o Ensure compliance discipline regulation and policy of company of all of workers in section

o Manage worker, asign job for worker.

o Make daily schedule and weekly schedule for team.

o Coporate with QA to solve problem relate quality and RD to found the way to make new products ....

o Training for operator to do the job in spray section.

o  Analysis and improvement productivity of section.

o Compliance Lean manufacturing. And compliance 5S, Kaizen Communication Persuasion and negotiation Time Management Teamwork Work independently Planning Problem Solving

o Report production manager.


o Excellen staff in 2006 and promotion higher level in 2006 (Production assistance Manager)

7/2004 - 8/2005

RD Technican


Ho Chi Minh City

Main Responsible:

o Responsibility research and develop (RD) new products of Solvent coating (Enamel, Lacquer, Epoxy, Powder coating....), Emus ion Coating follow plan of technical manager

o Making BOM (Buil of Material) for new products

o Tinting color shade for new products .

o Find out solution for treatment products have problem

o Improved process for produced products

o Report directly to Supervisor

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