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Mã số ứng viên: UV633d7


Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director




PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

Gender                 : Male

Nationality            : Vietnamese


− Over 8 years of experiences in Sales field of Unilever

− Ability to make long term strategy for department

− Ability to create breakthrough innovations

− Ability to set up national sales teams and develop them

− Ability to meet the changes in a short time

− Ability to work under high pressures


− Leadership foundation course in Thailand

− Coaching skill, negotiating skill in Thailand

− General Trade Academy forum in China

− Business Awareness Course in Philipines

− Direct Mail System in Thailand

And many Sales training courses in Vietnam of Unilever

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                        


ASM & then Branch Sales Manager  

Unilever in Central VN 

Ho Chi Minh City

− Settingg up sales system and central distribution.

− Traning and developing sales staff

− Making plans for short- term and long term strategy for Central branch.

− Making plans to meet Sales target

− Handing budget of department



Unilever National Development Sales Maneger

Ho Chi Minh City

− Making big projects for sale development in saturation areas and rural areas

− Making the strategy to build the image og Unilever in semi rural areas and rural areas for sales covering.

− Making projects for facing fake and copycats of Unilever products


National Sales Manager

Tuong An vegetable oil company 

Ho Chi Minh City

− This job manages planning, operating all sales and maketing activities on he whole country in a professional way of a FMCG standard.

− Setting-up sales system and distribution (manpower, training as well as policy).

− Setting-up new distribution channels (Horeka, industrial customers)

− Setting-up new policy for distributor like credit, discount, commission, stocks

− Setting-up Maketing dept planning all its operations through the 3th party

− Setting-up again logistics

− Applying ways of doing FMCG business for a state company


National Sales Manager     

Diana (Products: Sanitary napkins, tissues and diapers)

Ho Chi Minh City

− Setting-up sales system and distribution target

− Achieving Sales target objective

− Encouraging, expanding distribution and increasing sales volume as much as possible

− Ensuring Distributor’s stock is in hand

− Planning, controlling and checking ASM’s activities.

− Implementing and monitoring Sales and National, Local promotion plans for merchandising and promotion in outlets in order to achievie account brand objectives

− Strong co-operating with distributors to implement strategic and developing plan set up by Company

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