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Họ và tên: LE THE ANH

Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director



Sale & Marketing

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                             

Gender                : Male

Day of Birth          : 1978

Language             : English, Vietnamese


2008 -2010

Master of development economics major

1996 - 2000

Can Tho University

BA of Foreign Trade

2011 - 2012

Listening and Speaking Certificate– High class at Cleverlearn Center

Academic Class at Cleverlearn Center


Planning and Organization Skill at Know How Tech Center


Certificate : Presentation skill at Khoa Giao Duc Dao (AMICA)


Certificate : Leadership skill


Certificate: Effective Team Building at AMICA Center and Coaching and Training Skill

Certificate: Advanced Professional Selling Skill by TUREIHLAND ( GERMANY)


Certificate: Supervisory Skill and Management by ITD of Malaysia Organization


Certificate: Branch Manager LG VINA COSMETICS

Certificate:Leadership and Sales Supervisor Skill


Certificate: Excel in sale, TU plus ( Territory Management) , Basic finance, Communication skill, Delivery and training, Wining every customer, Reseller management of


Certificate: DCR Management of


o Persuasion and negotiation

o Time Management

o Teamwork

o Work independently

o Planning

o Problem Solving

o Leaders hip

o Adaptability

o Innovation Communication

WORD EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                        

6/2013 - Current

Retail management and General Trade

The face shop vn

Ho Chi Minh City

o  Organising, managing and controlling the activities of Business Department :

- Build the provisions and the processes of Business Department;

- Build the processes related to other departments;

- Assign and deliver the tasks to subordinates ;

- Access and check the implementation of staff in order to improve the staff’s working capacity .

o  Sales Management :

- Establising a strong distribution and sales plan to reach the monhtly target , Quarterly target as well as yearly target for Business Department for Nation wide;

- Establish and build a Sales policy for General Trade channel such as : retailer price and Wholesaler price ;

- Build the salary structure and set up KPI for Sales Team and Business Dpt;

- Build a Sales report system , then deploy and implement this report with detail analysis to reach targets and bojectives ;

- Control and check Merchandising and stock of Stores and store of Agents for Nation wide.

- Recruiting and select suitable staff for Team to reach target as well as training and coaching Business Team of GT Channel.

o  Making a working spirit and invironment in Business Department:

- Solving the arising issues which can affect to working spirit directly in Team and Department ;

- Researching and proposing the best ways how to improve the staff’s working attitude.

o  Organising and training as well as coaching for the staff of Business Department :

- Indentify the training demands as well as develop staff for future;

- Cooperate with Training Department or HR Department to organise a training course for staff if any.

o  Establishing and Building a strategic plan and controlingl Business Department and Performance Review for yearly :

- Organising and deployment Working plan of Staff as well as access the implementation of working plan 

- Deployment and review the staff’s achivement and Agent in General Trade channel;

- Establishing and build a sales strategic plan for three years;

- Making Sales budget and Trade budget for channel effectively;

- Building a ROI , P&L and ROA sheet for Channel as well as Business depatrment .Thus, for Dealers or agents in Distribution network of General Trade Channel.

o  Build trade promotion programs for monhtly and Yearly :

- Build and Propose a Trade promotion program for Channel to reach Monthly’s target / Quarterly’s target ;

- Build and cooperate with Marketing Department a Marketing plan for GT channel.

o  Other supporting for Dealer and Distribution network

6/2009 – 12/2012

Regional Sales Manager

Vietnam Satellite Digital Televison Company Ltd ( Joint venture – VTV and CaNal + of France)

Ho Chi Minh City

o Trade marketing responsibility:

- Drive formulation and implementation of trade marketing strategy that ensures trade plan execution in line with brand objectives and also to ensure achievement of overall corporate objective;

- Develop national trade marketing strategy and ensure preparation of effective implementation plan which meets the company's market, brand, volume and Sales channel objectives by gaining the; active support and loyalty of Company customers in all retail trade and strategic channels as well as Modern trade customers;

- Ensure that the Merchandising strategy is prepared and executed in line with Brand plans and space management practices in order to maximize the awareness, visibility, standing and imagery; of brands in the priority trade channels within budget and on time throughout Sales force and Third party.

o  Sales Force and Distribution network responsibility:

- Establishing a strong distribution network and controlling , recruiting key new dealers in region as well as Modern trade channels for whole Mekong delta;

- Training and coaching for the staffs of Distributors about CGAWEB and Logistic Management, inventory Management, Installation Skill of Decoder of K+ PRODUCT and Selling skills ..ect;

- Recruting ,training and coaching Area Sales Managers, Supervisors and Sales Reps;

- Set up Salary system of all staff’s of Distributors such as for Sales Reps, Merchandisers, PGs, Distributor Sales Supervisors ( If any);

- To be responsible for budget and Cost management for Region as well as revenue for Can Tho branch;

- To be responsible for monthly volume , quarterly and yearly;

- Making plan for Distribution, Coverage, Images and Sales volume for Region

- Making Business Plan for Quarterly/Yearly for Region;

- Planning and organizing Trade fair for wholesaler to display K+PRODUCT at urban and rural in Mekong delta.

- Deploying selling program directly by D2D project and Nomad shop ( sprinter mobile).( Direct sales).

- Deploying Commercial policy of company to retailers and dealers , wholesalers;

- Building business strategies for region and SWOT analysis;

- 3 Area Sales Manager reported directly to me and more 20 others in directly.

o  Margin and Image of Kplus at Region:

- Make sure that Distributor’s ROI is effective .

- Make sure that VSTV will have interests After setting up already Distribution network.

o  Other planning and implementing in main responsibilities of RSM:

- Implementation of the commercial policy on a geographical area

- Sales team management in charge of the follow –up distribution networks

- Definition of commercials’ volume target and qualitative objectives for sales team ( every month and 6 months)

- Follow up the results figures and report to director and departments’ manager

- Implementation of distributors’ commercial operations with the target to increase sales

- Organization regional’s actions plans with distributors

- Organization of communication and training plans for all networks before commercials operations

- Follow up and piloting budgets assigned

- Support other functions in K+PROJECTS ..

- Implementation of training plans for commercial teams

- Organization regional’s actions plans with distributors

- Organization of communication and training plans for all networks before commercials operations

- Follow up and piloting budgets assigned

- Support other functions in K+PROJECTS ..

- Implementation of training plans for commercial teams

3/2006 -5/ 2009

Senior Field Operation Supervisor (Mekong Delta)

JTI VN (Japanese Tobacco International Company)

Ho Chi Minh City

o  To be in charge of managing Sales Team Mekong Delta and combined with third Party to do marketing Programs and supervise them (3 supervisor,1 clerk ,1 merchandiser,1 warehouse keeper 1 team leader of JTI company report directly to me every day as well as weekly and monthly , yearly)

o To be in charge of distribution networks fully and coverage , images the branding of Mildseven , Winston….in Mekong delta

o To be surely Distributors must gotten ROI well and strong sales

o To be in charge of recruiting , training and coaching the staffs working effectively and selling strongly

Achievements at time after 2 years working at here are following:

o Rise from 4 staffs to 14 staffs and a Clerk in Can Tho Office

o The Rise the images of Brand effectively throughout Display activities. Almost of smokers know Mild seven and Winston at Mekong, especially Can Tho Market.

o Set up working System and Environment at Can Tho office.

o Increase and develop strongly Distribution FOR whole area i being in charge of.

o Hit 100% target of Sales Volume in 2006, 101% in 2007 and 108% in 2008.

3/2004 - 3/2006

Branch Manager

LG Vina Cosmetics Joint Venture

Ho Chi Minh City

o My description working as follow: Be responsible of all branch’s activities about Sale target, turn over, stock and expenditures. In addition to , I manage three distribution channels .They are distributor channel for two brand as Essance and EZ’up, consultant channel cosmetics for Lacvert, Isanok, Ohui brand ( Direct sales ), shop channel (Direct sales)

o There are 30 people I managed among them are 1 accountant, 1 warehouse, 3 channel supervisors, and the rest of persons were sale staffs or cosmetics consultant. Besides that working, I make promotion for every channel to push sales and get turn over, I still control expenditure very effectively when I make promotion from budget or manage other expense from business

o Ensure the achievement of sell-out and POS target by sales team

o Establish sales & distribution target and make sales plans for every sales team in the region in accordance with Company sales and distribution strategy

o Assist in planning process of the region’s sales and distribution by agent/by brand/ by channel

o Transmit the sales related information and policies from Branch to Sales Supervisors, sales team & agents; ensure their strictly complying

o Seek out new sales and distribution opportunities in the region

o Monitor sell-out by salesmen as well as market behaviors and competitors’ development to have timely and suitable reactions

2/2001 - 2/2004

Sales supervisor


Ho Chi Minh City

o Be responsible for volume, report directly to TDM (territory development manager).

o Control and check activities of distributor, sales activities and exclusive agent.

o Training and supervise salesman, build salary for salesman, recruit new staff for sales.

o Visit wholesaler and key account.

o Build and develop retails as well as wholesalers………..

o Support Distributor to develop market and increase profit.

o Achievements: 102%target total of 2002, 108% of 2003, good distribution total of product line, building salary of salesman of distributor, opening many new outlets and important key account…



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