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Mã số ứng viên: UV708f9

Họ và tên: VŨ QUỲNH THƠ

Giới tính: Nữ

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director




PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

Gender                 : Female

D.O.B                   : 15/12/1988


Independent studying and researching skills

Collected information from many resources: library, research books and internet to enrich my knowledge

 Analysed and categorized resources into specific subject for the written report

Communication and presentation skills

 Acquired experience about effective communication methods.

 Sound ability to deal with pressure and carry out multi-task jobs

Team work, leading skills

 Used effective communication with team member to find their strengths and assigned them into suitable tasks

 Researched and analysed information to develop the idea into a plan

 Examined important factors that affect the success of the plan


 Expert in Word, Excel, Power Point , Outlook


University of Marketing (Vietnam): Bachelor of Marketing (2007-2011)- majoring in Marketing Management

University of Northampton (England): Master of Administration ( mid 2013 – mid of 2015)

• Platform theories:

Bachelor: Marketing Management, Brand Management, Sales Management, Travelling,…

Master: Strategy, Supply Chain, Critical Thinking, Finance and Accounting, Organization Behavior,…

• Practical applications of the subjects: Sales, PR, Advertising and Promotion, Marketing Research ...

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                       

April 2013 up to now

Senior Trade MKT Executive


Ho Chi Minh City


Report directly to Marketing Director

 Lead the strategy , planning and management from pilot phase to execution, but mainly responsible for implementation in South

 Control the Trade MKT and outdoor advertising budget and monitor BTL activity expenses

 Developed and operated master plan and strategy for Trade MKT in 2 years 2013 & 2014

 Rebuild a standard from designs to planogram, guideline for MT merchandising

 Responsible for display in Traditional Trade channel

 Lead from concept to execution of Activation, Viet built and Green Biz commercial fair, holding trip and convention for distributors, factory inauguration, welcoming Italian President,…

 Coordinate with Sales team and cross-check with Customer reaction to evaluate program effectiveness.

 Work closely with pre-sales, after-sales, sales team and other departments in sale, internal and external -training activities

 Work closely with research agency to support in market research

 In charge of in-store POSM design, briefing POSM/Activation team for production and installation in store

 Brand Supervisor and Merchandise: oversee all of material match with company guide line.  Responsible for support new product launching.

 Update competitor activities each month for Marketing Director

 Assist to Marketing Director to develop annual Trade MKT plan and budgets in Viet Nam.

 Work directly and closely with Marketing Directors of Electric chains such as; Cho Lon, Nguyen Kim, Thien Hoa,..

Major achievement:

 Ariston became the 1st brand of water heater industry having the standard display

 Visual Tools followed the brand guideline

 New products have been successfully launched right in 2013 with positive feedbacks from both internal and external stake holders

 Welcome the Italian President, Vietnamese Vice President and VVIPs successfully in the factory inauguration.

 Repositioning successfully the leader of Total Vietnam Water Heater market with a new value proposition- “ The comfortable temperature from Italian specialist”

 The best employee of the year 2014- in the 30% increasing revenue of the company

July 2011 to April 2013 

 Trade Marketing Executive   


Ho Chi Minh City


Responsible for MT & GT channel growth

 Develop new projects to to push the sell-out and sell-in for each category througns BTL activities

 Evaluate and report channel growth/ analysis by month, by quarter and by year

 Maintain up - to – date guar-books of own and competitor merchandising materials and marketing activities.

 Plan and execute programs for new product launch & promotions

  Align and coordinate with Brand teams, Sales field, logistics, Operations to meet targets of company.

 Responsible for transforming the Brand images to shoppers through merchandising

 Support directly for Trade MKT Manger and Head of Marketing to achieve targets for MT and GT channels through controlling budget & planning BTL programs

 Supervise & execute BTL programs for new product launch & promotions in both GT & MT to increase sales and share (Activations, Consumer promotions, Events,…)

 Maintain the brand guideline into Merchandising & Display standard

 Ensure efficient and effective delivery of Rolling Plan, Promotion, Display Activities for both MT and GT channel

 Evaluate Implementation of programs in time and budget.

 Align with Brand Teams and brief to suppliers for POSMs production. (as poster frame ,welcome gate , merchandising tools,…)

Major achievement:

 “ Romano-Game Leader” campaign: volume growth exceeded plan at 20% after 4 months vs the same season in the last year. After 6 months Romano became the second strongest brand of personal care for man in Viet Nam

 Maintain the image of Enchanteur leading the shower gel category. Enchanteur volume is still the biggest contribution of Wipro Unza Viet Nam at 51% total volume contribution.

 Total return of Wipro Unza increased 28% from Mar/2012 to Mar/2013

Jan 2011 to June 2011

Assistant Brand Manager    


Ho Chi Minh City


Working as an Assistant Brand Manager

 Support for Brand Manager to ensure job completion and there by contribute to good results of the designated brands.

 Assist Brand Manager in new product development projects from concept to launch involving artwork designers’ contacts, packaging & perfumer suppliers’ contacts, surveys. Skills

 Provide assistance to Brand Manager in marketing activities such as consumer promotion, event organizing, outdoor ads, media booking/monitoring.

 In conjunction with Brand Manager, coordinate with R&D and Operations teams in product development process.

 Monitor actual ATL spending of the designated brand and update Brand Manager its status on monthly basic.

 Work with promotion and sale team and make regular market visits to enhance market understanding.

 Maintain up - to – date guar-books of own and competitors advertising, merchandising materials and marketing activities.

Major achievement:

 Managed the perfume category growth rate at 16% in the internal share

 Managed and Control the limited budget by Value for Money way

 Well-designated new packaging for Izzi perfume and Roll- on

2010 to 2011

Creative – Planning Staff     

3in Advertising Co

Ho Chi Minh City


 Responsible for some Advertising programs of clients

 Planning and executing advertising, PR projects.

 Booking magazines, TVC, to PR for Client’s requests

 Organizing and Executing Events.

 Co-ordinate and supervise designers and Activation Executive to accomplish a project

 Brainstorming new ideas for ads and Activation programs

 Manage customer relationships

Major achievement:

 Be successful in some big projects for famous brands through programs: Vinamilk- 3/6/9 million cups of milk, Huggies

 Improved management skill for job completion in short term

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