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Mã số ứng viên: UV76768

Họ và tên: PHAM PHI LONG

Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director




PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

Gender                 : Male

D.O.B                   : 02/04/1983


2001 – 2005                     Graduate University of Economics, HCMC


1. Plan and manage business strategies in order to obtain given targets (experienced in 6 years)

- Set up distributor and salesteam system as business strategy (region scales)

- Set up route plan to maximizing effect of sales system (region scales)

2. Sales Management with over 40 subordinates (experienced in 6 years)

- Developing and designing the objective setting, sales forecast target under controlling by product

- Organizing and ensure the implementation of sales system with settled objective.

- Tracking measures and follow up sales performance to ensure business run effectively

- Coaching salesteam continually enhance sales performance

3. Enhance Sales Capabilities (Experienced more than 2 years)

 - Training sales team in class Nationwide (ASM, TDM - Territory Sales Manager, Sales Rep in GT-MT-KA channel)

- Set sales incentive and policies for sales department

4. Communication and negotiation high-level (be trained and experienced 10 years)

5. Problem Solving (be trained and experienced in 10 years)

6. Using English good in work.

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                       

9/2012 - Present

Sales Structure (Sales Training and Capability) Deputy Manager  

Kirin Group   

Ho Chi Minh City

* Training task as sales trainer (70% contribution in working time)(Training for GT and Key Account Channel)

* Manage, develop and implement an all year round training calendar for the different levels (ASM, TDM, Salesman) GT and Key Account Channel in nationwide

* Set training dossier for sales team (ASM, TDM and salesman in GT and Key Account)Ensure sales team nationwide penetrate training programs through Ability Test and Heath Check

* Coaching TDM in field and giving recommendations to improve salesteam

* Set up and supply sales toolkits for sales team and checking the implementation

* Be responsible for sales incentive and policies scheme effectively (30% contribution in working time)

* Cooperate with National sales manager to put forward sales policies for all channel as: Salary, Incentive scheme, KPI, SDO and ensure policies must be applied effectively to get AOP

* Set up programs to evaluate and improve capabilities of sales team

* Cooperate with CS to set up contract with Distributor, Appendix, policies for distributor.

*  Other Task:

* Set up and supply sales toolkits for sales team and checking the implementation.

* Outcome:

Sales team (GT and Key Account) be trained and health check as Schedule.

 Sales Team hit AOP in 2013.

 Sales Toolkit be used effectively

 Get Good in MBO 2013

 AOP 2014 on good result up to Nov 2014 (AOP 2014 increase 24% vs AOP 2013) 

10/2008 - 9/2012 


UNI President (TRIBECO) 

Ho Chi Minh City

* Develop distribution of GT and Key Account Channel base on the business plan of Sales Director.

* Ensure sales system act over 96% route operation (32 subordinates)

* Complete and hit sales target/plan (MCP, coverage plan, volume, branding plan)

* Managing Sales Supervisor and Distributor (8 distributors)

* Recruiting and training DR and saleman

* Maintain and develop Key Account in area

* Outcome:

 Achieved AOP 2009, 2010, 2011 over 100%.

 Hit target and KPI monthly. Achieved increase sales volume (vs year ago) 155%.

 Develop and expand sales system as planning. Increase Distributor and Route with effectiveness of P&L.

 Organizing and managing Sales Team to strong team. Sales team always get good objective figures.

 Develop Key Account Channel.

6/2005 - 9/2008

Sales Supervisor  

THP GROUP (Be promoted from salesman after 1 year)

Ho Chi Minh City

* Supervise and manage the activities of sales team

* Training or coaching to sales team (PAS (Professional Action Selling programme)

* Communication and negotiation with distributors and customers to get Objective

* Analytical and supervisory sales results of sales team to hit target and KPI.

* Provide action plan for monthly objective (Target, KPI, ASO: Active Selling Outlet).

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