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Mã số ứng viên: UV8089f

Họ và tên: LE THI KIM THUY

Giới tính: Nữ

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director




Chief Accountant

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

D.O.B                   : 17/01/1982

Gender                 : Male


Accounting And Finance
Taxation, Legal consultant


Adam University
Master's Degree in Finance/Accountancy/Banking | Vietnam
Grade: Grade A/1st Class
1) MBA in Financial major by ADAM UNIVERSITY (6/2011) 
2) Business administration of Open University (8/2009)
3) Management accountant degree of accountant and financial college (11/2001)
4) Chief accountant certificate of Economic University (1/2009)
5) C grade of English level certificate (7/2009)
6) CFO of Washington technology Institute (8/2009)
7) Excels accountant certificated by IABM (3/2010)
8) Tax accountant certificated by IABM (12/2010).
9) Contract drafting and risk restrictions certificated by Economy University(09/2013)
English: TOEIC - 350

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                       


Jan 2015 - Dec 2016 (1 year 11 months) Head Of Finance & Accounting Dept ACS
Monthly Salary: USD 1,600
Working Progress
I. From Jan, 2015 until Dec 2016: ACS Trading Vietnam Co.,Ltd – Aeon Group (Japan)
1) Head of Finance and Accounting Dept
 Cost control:
- Set up the cash flow tracking & reposting.
- Set up and maintain the funding policy for controlling funding cost.
 Leading:
- Set up objective for the sections, department and evaluation by KPO tracking and appraisal.
- Lead and oversee the day-to-day management of Finance & Accounting activity.
- Provide training and developing staff with the objective of improving the productivity of the division.
 Reporting:
- Daily cash flow report
- Weekly borrowing report
- Monthly/quarterly/yearly financial reports
- Monthly/quarterly/yearly taxes reports
- Monthly risk and internal audit reports
 Accounting:
- Checking and tracking daily transaction recording.
- Checking expense payment request and voucher to prevent fraud or noncompliance.
- Working with independence audit for annual reports and tax consultant if any.
- Keep liaising with banks, the government side on tax, statistic fields and payroll to employee; dealing with vendor
and customer on AR&AP fields.
2) Head of Human resource and General affair dept.
 Human resource management
- Manage the quality of recruitment and maintain the happy working environment for whole company.
- Manage and handle the monthly payroll schedules for making people happy and smile,
- Support orientation training schedules for management and training section.
 General affair management
- Handles and manage daily purchasing and facility of whole company.
- Control company property and equipment.
- Management and handle company chop on document based on authorization from relating department.
3) System management:
 Set up and implement SAPFI (MM,FI,CO) for finance and accounting (Apr-Sep 2015)
 Set up and implement SAPHR (OM,PA,TE,TM,PY) for payroll and HR management (Mar-Oct 2016)
4) Procedures for management:
 Payment and advance procedure
 Vendor code creation procedure
 Invoice management procedure
 Company chop management procedure
 Time recording management
 Payroll calculation procedure
 Internal recruitment procedure
Dec 2011 - Jan 2015 (3 years 1 month) Chief Accountant and Financial Controller AppliancZ Vietnam JSC | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Monthly Salary: USD 2,500
I. From 1999-¬2002 working in Samyang Vietnam Manufacturing, Nike footwear supplier.
1) Cashier in accountant department.
2) Business manager’s assistant.
3) A secretary of general director
II. From 2002-¬2010 was working in Pax Global Vietnam
1) Operations control: Handle all Financial & Accountant report as: Financial Statements for local and overseas:  IS,PL,CF, Statistics, Taxes reports; HR reports and Operation reports as Air – Ocean and Logistics
 Addition jobs: Support Manager to controls office activities while Boss is out of Vietnam or Hochiminh, getting the information from Vietnam market, customer side or regulation from news or update and all necessary jobs as secretary of MD
III. From Jun 2010 until Nov 2011: Management Accountant Leader in Ngoc Nghia Group
1) Leading and processing the warehouse of raw materials and finished goods to measure the board of material to produce the products make sure the actual BOM is not higher than planning. And controls the finished goods don’t hold for long time in the warehouse.
2) Building up the yearly budget and tracking from cash flow until the sales, AR & AP and help project team make right decision to do planning project or not
3) Helping Acc teams of group to deal with local tax department for tax finallization,...and reduce the cost of finanlization and refunditure if needed.
IV. From Dec 2011until now : Chief accountant and financial controller at ApplaincZ Vietnam (Tungshing Group)
1) Finance:
 Project Feasibility:
 Fund Raising:
 Cost control:
 Leading Finance division:
 Management reporting for decision making:
 Controlling operation efficiency:
 Company overall Control system:
 Budgeting:
 Debt Management:
2) Accounting: build up the local report based on the VAS to submit tax office and IAS for internal purpose; working with independence audit for annual report; working with the government on tax, customs or statistic fields and payroll to employee; dealing with vendor and customer on AR&AP fields
3) Legal consultant: Reading the regulation and law instruction to help company to the thing right beside keep going on the right thing.

- Have good experience in Finance, accountant, administration and management skills.
- Understand of international accounting rules & programs as good as management level at foreign companies.
- Fluency in using computer programs such as MS office, win word, excel, internet, PowerPoint, network, email and ecommerce.
- Working effective and actively as well as facing difficulties confidently and dealing with them quickly.
- Have a good skill in dealing with tax officer, partners, customers and pleasure them in any circumstances.
- Being friendly and helpful with colleagues and other employees in others suctions the company.
- Fluent in Vietnamese & English speaking and professional in MS office especially is EXCEL programs.
- Be careful, honest, high responsible, well organized and time schedule.
- Always caring of company’s benefit in advance,
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