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Mã số ứng viên: UV81761


Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director





PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

D.O.B                   : 28/08/1972

Gender                 : Male


- Sales, Purchase, and Marketing professional, with outstanding accomplishments in Sales and Marketing management as well as Customer Service.

- Experienced in training, coaching, recruiting talented staffs as well as in guiding and supervising them as a Team Leader or Country Manager.

- Experienced in all phases of the Sales, Purchase, and Marketing process, including prospecting, closing sales, developing plans and strategies to penetrate the new and potential market effectively as well as customer follow-up.

- Capable of streamlining the work-team and dealing with personnel issues at the leadership and management level.

- Able to develop and promote new commodities and new products assigned by the employer.

- Able to work independently under high pressure and with great challenge.

- Able to set up and run the operations and business activities of a new office from beginning.

- Strong communication, persuasion and negotiation skills, and strong commercial acumen.

- A "self-starter" and tireless employee who always has a business-results-oriented mind.



- Successful development of : OMRON Healthcare products and OMRON Cash Registers, FUJINON Endoscopes, Mita photocopiers, TOTO Sanitary-wares, Game Machines in entertainment centers, etc in Vietnam.

- Successful development and promotion of many brand names and commodities of foreign suppliers/producers of plastic resins, flexible packaging films, fertilizers, chemicals, steels, paper products, etc in Vietnam.

- Having good and close business relationships with almost all the Suppliers/Manufacturers, Mills and Factories, Customers, Distributors, Importers, Exporters and End-users in Vietnam of following fields :

1. Plastics and Flexible packaging industry.

2. Fertilizers.

3. Chemicals for many various applications and industries.

4. Paper and Pulp products.

5. General Merchandise.

6. Foodstuffs, agricultural and seafood products, etc.


- From 1978 - 1987 : studied at Phu Tho Elementary and Secondary School.

- From 1987 - 1990 : studied at Nam Ky Khoi Nghia High School.

- From 1990 - 1993 : studied French at the Teachers' Training College.

- From 1994 - 1995 : studied Business English and Marketing courses jointly organized by the Research and Translation Association, Vietnam and the Metropolitan Business Colleges, Australia (evening courses).

- From 1996 - 1999 : studied English at the University of Education, Hanoi and studied Economic English for Commerce jointly organized by the University of Foreign Trade and the Foreign Languages University, Hanoi in Hochiminh city (In-service training courses in the evening).

Degrees and Certificates obtained so far

- English University degree (rating: fairly good with the highest score in school).

- University degree of Economic English for Commerce.

- French College degree.

- TOEFL Certificate granted by the University of Wisconsin, USA (score: 560).

- Business English and Marketing Certificates granted by the Metropolitan Business Colleges, Australia and the Research and Translation Association, Vietnam.

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                       

May, 2011 until now


 Loc Phuc Consultancy Co., Ltd


- Recruiting and managing sales and marketing staffs

- Training the staffs about technical knowledge on forex, spot gold, and financial markets.

- Taking care of customer service and public relations with the clients.

- Providing advice and consulting ideas to clients who would like to invest online to generate passive income.

8/2004 to 4/2011

 Country Manager of General Merchandise

Vertex Trading Corporation,


- Paper and pulp products (import into Vietnam market).

- Plastic resins (import into Vietnam market).

- Chemicals (import into Vietnam market).

- Tapioca modified starch (export to China from Vietnam).

- Eucalyptus woodchips and Acacia woodchips for paper & pulp industry (export to China, Indonesia, etc from Vietnam).

+ Main duties and responsibilities:

- Maintaining current relationships with current customers and suppliers.

- Expanding the business sales and locate potential customers to establish new business relationships with them.

- Coordinating with other colleagues in Shanghai and U.S offices to exchange regular market information, market situations, etc to grow the business sales volume and achieve the target of the company.

10/2002 to 8/2004

Assistant Manager of Chemicals & Plastics Department

Itochu Corporation, 


- Imported commodities and products : Chemicals, Plastic resins, Flexible packaging films, Machinery for plastic industry, Aluminum foil, Copper tubes, etc.

- Exported commodities and products : Acrylic wares, Shopping bags, Poly-bags, Printed paper leaflets, Shoes and Sandals, Wooden products, etc.

+ Main duties and responsibilities:

- Carrying out all the tasks assigned by Itochu’s General Manager, in Sales, Purchase, and Marketing, Market research, Team-building efforts, and other business activities that the Management deems as necessary for the exclusive benefits and interests of Itochu Corporation.

- Training and supporting new sales staffs to perform this job responsibilities.

7/1995 to 10/2002

Sales & Marketing Chief Expert of General Merchandise and Chemical Departments

Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Japan

HCM City

- General Merchandise : Wood (MDF, MFC, Plywood), Paper & Pulp products, Spark-plugs, Medical equipment and instruments, Photocopiers, Sanitary-wares, Game machines, Shoes, Sandals, etc (among these commodities and products, I handle export business of : Shoes, Sandals, etc).

- Chemicals and Plastic resins : All Chemicals for applications of plastics, rubber, water treatment, etc and all kinds of plastic resins including: Polyolefins (PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), Engineering plastics (GPPS, HIPS, ABS, PC), PVC Resin and PVC Compound, Flexible packaging films (Bopp film, Cpp film, Mcpp film, Pet film, Metalized Pet film, Nylon film), and Special resins (PET Resin, Nylon 6 chips, etc).

+ Main duties and responsibilities:

- Opening and expanding the new markets in Vietnam for General Merchandise such as: Wood products, Paper & Pulp products, Spark-plugs, Medical equipment and instruments, etc; and for Chemicals and plastic resins such as: Polyolefins (PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), engineering plastics, PVC Resins and compound, and flexible packaging films, etc

- Coordinating with other colleagues in Mitsui’s office in Japan to export shoes and sandals to Japanese market.

- Training and supporting newly recruited sales and marketing staffs to perform their job duties well.

- Developing the sales of new commodities and products assigned by Mitsui’s Management for the benefits and interests of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

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