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Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director



Procurement & Merchandising Manager

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

Gender                 : Male

D.O.B                   : 04/04/1977


- Desktop Applications - MS Excel: Intermediate - 8 years of use

- Desktop Applications - MS Word: Intermediate - 8 years of use

- Desktop Applications - MS PowerPoint: Intermediate - 8 years of use

- Professional Selling Skills: Advanced - 8 years of use

- Customer Service skills: Advanced - 8 years of use

- Negotiation skills: Intermediate - 8 years of use

- Presentation skills: Intermediate - 8 years of use

- Leadership Skills: Intermediate - 8 years of use

- Management & Supervisory Skills: Advanced - 8 years of use

- Time Management: Advanced - 8 years of use

- Project management: Intermediate - 8 years of use

- Communication skills: Intermediate - 8 years of use

- Problem solving skills: Advanced - 8 years of use

- Interpersonal skills: Intermediate - 8 years of use

- Telephone technique skills: Advanced - 8 years of use

- Risk management: Intermediate - 8 years of use

- Thinking creatively: Intermediate - 8 years of use


  • 3/2014
    Nielsen/ Category Management

    Related information:

    - Category Management process

    - Category Definition

    - Category Role

    - Category Assessment

    - Category Scorecard

    - Category Strategy

    - Common Shopper Behavior

    - Category Tactics

    - Category Implementation

    - Category Review

    - Summary, tools and data needed

  • 8/2012
    Department of Quality Measurement/ Key Performence Indicator & Balance Score Cards - ,

    Related information:

    - Set the balanced scorecard (BSC)

    - Evaluate performance (KPI)

  • 4/2012
    School of Commerce - ,

    Related information:

    - Customer Service

  • 7/2009
    University of Economic - Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
    - Industry: Business Administration/ Bachelors
  • 9/2008
    Management Skill Couse - Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

    Related information:

    - Mindset for Effective Management

    - Time Management and Planning

    - Motivation within power

  • 7/2008
    Start training program for Department Manager - Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

    Related information:

    - Customer Contact Management

    - Market Knowledge Management

    - Running Your Department Management

    - Goods Receiving Management

    - Stocks Maintenance Management

    - Shelf Management

    - Signage Management

    - Reordering Management

    - Promotion Management

    - Safety and Security Management

    - Check- out Management

    - Advanced Customer Contact

  • 6/1998
    Can Tho Economic Technical - Can Tho, Viet Nam

    Specialized Electrical, Electronics

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                       

10/2015 to now 

Nationwide MT Sales Director

Linco Group


Key Responsibilities & Duties: 

- Leadership and management of business development nationwide supermarket channel, build promotions, distribution, sales, and solutions sales by Month, Quarter, Year

- Develop and implement these, business strategy, sales strategy,

- Develop business plans, business goals based on market information and implementation. Develop promotions nationwide supermarket channel.

- Coordinate with Marketing Department to build and deploy the strategic development of new products

- Control, evaluate the effectiveness of promotions, timely adjustment programs ineffective by each customer.

- Evaluate the market, product segment, focusing on developing the Company Product groups bring revenue, higher profits.

- Construction, control cost of sales, expenses incurred.

- Test, evaluate employee work efficiency.

- Other tasks as assigned by the General Director

7/2014 - 8/2015 

Vice Director Commercial Electronic Division Head   

Nguyen Kim Trading JSC

Ho Chi Minh City

Work Experience: 

- Manage all operational departments including Commerce Category: Electronics, Refrigeration, Appliance, Mobile, Computer, Spirit Accessories, ...... daily, weekly, monthly. Business to achieve results in accordance with the development strategy of the Company

- Developing, implementing the proposed Senior Director all solutions, oriented, strategic business development at a time suitable to achieve the important objectives of the department Commerce phased time of year

- Support Senior Director in the preparation, arrangement, as well as plans to deploy parts of Commerce to ensure that the plan is an important place on schedule was approved by the General Director.

- Recommend and implement the idea, the plan, the new solution to improve the efficiency of professional work aims to improve the efficiency of operations for the department Commerce

- Share, comments as well as actively participate in the activities, events, projects change / improve the system, improve business operations and build environmental and cultural work professionalism and cooperation, which represent the coherence and co-operated with the company before the innovation and development in each period ..

- Other tasks as assigned by superiors

4/2013 - 7/2014

Procurement & Merchandising Director 

Vinatex Mart

Ho Chi Minh City

Responsibilities & Duties:

- Management & Executive work planning commodities trading system Vinatex Mart - Supermarket.

- Executive Management all Category ( Technology Food, Fresh Food, Non Food in Food, Home Appliances ) perform professional work.

- Responsible for manage the planning and monitoring of find Suppliers of equipment, materials and machinery for the new Supermarket before opening (refrigerator and freezer, refrigeration systems, shelves, office equipment, ....).

- Responsible for inspection and monitor the progress of the construction and installation of equipment and supplies for the Supermarket when required to new Store opening , replacement planned.

- Consider and review the proposal and implementation of test requisitions according to schedule, a quality most effective way

- Monitor the implementation of the purchase contract signed.

- Refer to the market situation, prices of goods, the provisions of the relevant state, selecting and evaluating suppliers capabilities.

- Closely monitor the budget, purchasing strategies to support the development of the Company's operations and cost savings for the Company.

- Regular review of supplies for making purchases. Make sure to buy the right goods approved quality ...

- Develop a training plan, professional training, awareness and skills for Purchasing staff.

- Develop, organize promotions cyclical, events,

- Arrange suitable working arrangements for each employee which evaluate the results of the individual work in the purchasing department.

- Organization preserving and storing materials supply, confidential documents and data purchase by the Company

- Develop procedures, manage and regulations in the Buying Center.

- Implementation of sales reports, profit, efficiency or any recurring.

- Other duties as required by General Director.

2/2011 - 4/2013

National Sales Manager

Robot Investment Corporation

Ho Chi Minh City

Key Responsibilities & Duties:

- Management of all activities of Sales - Nationwide 

- Responsible for all activities, plans and development strategies of the Business Plans 

- Planned sales in month and year. - Training staff sales skills and product knowledge.

- Promotion planned for month and year.

- Assess the effectiveness of promotions. 

- Monitoring, implementation and evaluation of business plans

- Assessing the effectiveness of staff work.

- Market development and market shares of the Company in Vietnam 

- Balance costs and debt management.

- Planning of development-oriented companies.


- Growth market share from 12% to 22% within 02 year.

- Annual sales growth averaging 20%.

7/2009 - 2/2011

Assistant Trade Marketing Manager 

Dong Tam Nutrition Food JSC 

234 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street , District 03 , Ho Chi Minh City .

Key Responsibilities & Duties:

- Construction of the distribution policy (in coordination with Sales).

- Developing, implementing programs to activate commercial sales system.

- Developing, implementing programs such POSM: Leaflet, Poster, Standee, Banner, Backdrop, ...

- To organize and implement programs that enable activation, conferences and seminars to introduce new products.

- Participate in developing strategies to expand distribution systems, identify market segments

- Assessment of the distribution system, the system Sales

- Measure the effectiveness of each program advertising, brand positioning, brand building.

- Growth in market share in the region and the distribution channel to achieve the annual General Directors.

5/2002 - 7/2009


Category Manager

Metro Cash Carry Viet Nam Co., Ltd 

Ho Chi Minh City

Key Responsibilities & Duties:

- Analyze assigned product categories on scheduled basis, determining items to be ordered per forecasts and inventory targets, and place purchase orders accordingly.

- Review product forecasts by item and recommend changes as needed, including changes in business (new or lost sales) when notified by Sales.

- Negotiate prices and delivery with suppliers.

- Confirm suppliers’ acceptance of purchase orders and update SAP as needed.

- Review vendors’ shipping status and performance; review shipping schedules and work with vendors to prioritize and expedite shipments as needed.

- Source products from other suppliers as necessary to ensure lowest cost, best quality and on-time delivery, within framework of efficiently utilizing suppliers’ capacities.

- Work with Sales and Marketing as needed to source new styles and calculate costs of such.

- All other related duties necessary to ensure sufficient levels of inventory are maintained to support order fill, inventory level and cost containment goals.

- Manage company rework as determined in weekly production meetings

- Data analysis of sales data, profits, goods turnover, inventory rate, .... Every week, month, year.

- Other duties as required from superiors


- Achieve sales targets, target management, target profit, ... each year.

- Fully performence constant from 2005 to 2009.

1/1999 - 1/2002



Team Leader

Coca Cola Co., Ltd

Ho Chi Minh City

Key Responsibilities & Duties:

- Develop, organize, manage sales team.

- Establish, maintain relationships with major customers.

- Development of sales network that traditional.

- Coordinate with Sales Supervisor in monitoring progress payments and debt collection


- Achieve annual growth in the Company strategy.

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