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Mã số ứng viên: UV838bf

Họ và tên: BUI QUOC HUNG

Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director



Agricultural technique staff 

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                                 

Gender                : Male

Day of Birth          : June 11, 1988

Language             : English, Vietnamese


2006 – 2010

English- level B is certified by Dong Nai Education and Training Deparment

2003 – 2006

Agriculture and Forestry University, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Major: Bachelor of Agronomy. Graduated ranking: Distinction (excellence).


o Computer skills: Word, Excel, Power Point.

o Language skills: Good communication (level intermediate English).

o Problem solving: See-Think-Plan-Do (STPD).

o Good time management.

o Work in a team or alone.

o Presentation ability in front of the crowd.

o To have responsibility with my work and doing my best.

o Good analysis.

WORD EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                            

2011 – 5/2015

Agricultural technique staff

Dong Nai Rubber Corporation

Ho Chi Minh City

The main duties:

- Investigating and monitoring the status of pest and disease on the rubber tree; to propose measures to prevent (by biological and chemical measures).

- Planning the rubber fertilizer yearly and control the fertilization of soil.

- Instructing and checking the seedling production process for replanting.

- Controlling the latex harvesting technique on the business rubber garden.

- Instructing new technique for farmer (RRIMFLOW, branch cutting…).

o Achievements:

- Always finish work well and effectively

5/2015 – Now

Agriculture Development Department – Fertilizer (senior staff)

Ajinomoto Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Ho Chi Minh City

o The main duties:

- To conduct the model at farms (sweet potato, cassava…) to introduce fertilizer and expand business area. At present, the company has the program ‘bio-cycle on cassava’ following company’s concept so we are carrying out demonstrations.

- How to bring new fertilizer into market: to survey and evaluate market – demand of farmer, type of crop which we will be towards, property of product, to do demos to prove the effect and it has to bring the profit to farmer…

- To co-operate with (local) provincial Agriculture Department to do demos and introduce fertilizers to farmer for sales activity.

- To improve the current fertilizer products by increasing the effect on crop and reducing the production cost. To research and develop new kinds of fertilizer.

- To supervise and manage the experiments that company co-operates with research centers, research institutes to evaluate the effects of fertilizer on crops (paddy, rubber, coffee, sugarcane, coffee…) and get the scientific data.

- Instructing the fertilizing technique for customer (farmer).

- Supporting sale department to do seminar with farmer.

- To support QA, QC for fertilizer production license and promulgation document (experiment reports, new regulations of government,… following the Circular No. 41/TT-BNNPTNT).


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