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Mã số ứng viên: UV87672


Giới tính: Nữ

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director



Chief Accountant 

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                            

Gender                 : Female

Day of birth           : 16-12-1986

Language              : English, Vietnamese.


University of Economics, HCMC:

Bachelor of Accounting - Auditing

Chief Accountant Certificate:



o English:                   Ielts 6

o IT skills:                  Microsoft Offices.

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                       

12/2011 - 12/2015

Chief Accountant

Thiên Minh group

At Hai Au Aviation Company

 Ho Chi Minh City

o Set up procedures and policies between accounting and related departments during the period of pre-operation of company;

o Set up and run chart of account as well as procedures at accounting department;

o Perform complex accounting activities in accordance with accounting principles and standards to control the organization’s financial resources and ensure that they comply with all relevant regulations, laws, and reporting requirements;

o Control all the operation, procedures and policy in term of Accounting Department;

o Daily check AR/AP payment documents; check payroll monthly;

o Reconcile accounts and check the accuracy of journal entries to ensure that the general ledger is accurate and complete;

o Check and analyse financial information and prepare more complex financial reports and accounting statements so that management has accurate and timely information for making financial decisions;

o Make financial reports to Board of Director monthly, weekly and emergency cases: Cash Flow, Financial Report, Forecast, Debtor and Creditor lists, Repayment schedules;

o Review and continuing improving control procedures: AR/AP, Fixed Asset, inventory;

o Other tasks as per request of CFO;

o Be responsible for contacting and dealing with Tax and Insurance Department, Internal and External Auditors;

o Manage, train and develop accounting staff in order to ensure their responsibilities performed competently and work effectively in team spirit.

12/2011 - 12/2015

Internal Auditor, Chief Accountant

Thiên Minh group

At Victoria Vietnam Group and Victoria Angkor (include 5 Hotels & Resorts and 1 Head Office)


Position: Internal Auditor

o Internal Control about Procedures

- Perform reviews at appropriate times to ensure that an effective system of internal financial control exists to safeguard the assets of the company and its properties/clients;

- Confirm that established company policies, procedures and plans are being followed;

- Identify areas where efficiency and profit improvement programs should be implemented;

- Examine the divisional and departmental information systems to ensure that management at all levels is currently aware of significant financial and operational matters;

- Make recommendations on the systems and procedures being reviewed, report on the findings and recommendations and monitor management's response and implementation;

- Perform special audits and reviews as authorized;

- Act as coordinator for External Auditor’s requirements; - Review statutory audited financial statements provided from external auditors;

- Write the Policies and Procedures of Hotels Group.

- Assist its properties/clients in technical and tax matters;

- Other tasks as authorized:

+ Internal audit service

+ The efficacy of operations

+ The reliability of financial reporting

+ Deterring and investigating fraud

+ Safeguarding assets

+ Compliance with laws and regulations

+ Advisory services

+ Advising to set up structure of Accounting Dept

+ Tax & legal advise 3

+ Advise to set up & improve policies, procedures, manuals to get the best internal control sys.

o Internal Control about Financial

- Review and analyse Monthly report with Budget;

- Review financial statement quarterly and yearly, tax declaration at year ended;

- Control financial figures from Front office to Back Office via following Opera Software and Sun Software ;

- Update, establish detail guidelines on all financial accounting, tax law and administrative matters to Financial Controller, General Manager;

- Check income and expenditure via cash flow weekly;

- Control procedures and income and expenditure at relevant Department:

+ Purchasing Department;

+ Accounting Department: Receivable Accountant, Payable Accountant

- Control physical inventory by:

+ Supervise the monthly report and conducting inventory in a surprise;

+ Re – check expense is allocated;

+ Give the solution for the assets are lacked of or redundant against the real.

- Control Fix Assets by:

+ Participate in physical count of Fix Assets on annual schedule;

+ Re – check expense is depreciation or amortisation;

+ Give the solution for the assets are lacked of or redundant against the real;

- Follow up Account Receivable and Payable details;

- Report directly to General Manager, Board of Director.

Position: Chief Accountant

o Coordinate with HR, Purchasing and Sales Departments and control the implementation of finance policies in all areas;

o Check all transactions , taxation compliance;

o Reconcile with all hotels about Fee of Management, Incentive Monthly and check Group Revenue ;

o Monitor Expenses at Departments as Sales & Marketing, Human resource, Admin, Finance & Technical;

o Prepare in a timely all kind of reports: Weekly report, Monthly report, Budget, Forecast;

o Make recommendations on the Company’s annual budget and put it under control;

o Structure the organization and monitors all the activities of Accounting Department;

o Be responsible for contacting and dealing with tax, internal/external audits;

o Consulting to Board of Director about Tax Law, control Expense. 

12/2010 - 11/2011

Chief Accountant,  External Auditor 

Vietnam Accounting Auditing Consulting Company

Ho Chi Minh City

Position: Chief Accountant

o Accounting Services:

- Daily input and output Invoices;

- Record revenue and expense and others;

- Checking the bank information to ensure the figures is matched with record;

- Follow up Account Receivable and Payable details;

- Monthly, quarterly tax declaration: VAT, CIT & PIT;

- Filing documents.

Position: External Auditor

o Auditing service: conduct all the items of Financial Report.

09/2009 - 11/2010

Internal Auditor

Furniweb Group of Companies in VietNam

Ho Chi Minh City

o Audit, analyse, make report and give recommendation for Sales Process and Account Receivable;

o Audit, analyse, make report and give recommendation for Purchasing Cycles and Account Payable;

o Audit, analyse, evaluate, make report and give recommendation for Related parties of inter – company;

o Headcount for the year ended and evaluation, making audit report and give recommendation for Human Resource;

o Audit, analyse, evaluate, make report and give recommendation for Payroll Process at Human Resource Department;

o Inventory Fixed Assets for the year ended and making Audit Report on Physical sight Fixed Assets;

o Inventory Spare part for the year ended and making Audit Report;

o Inventory Stocks for the year ended and making Audit Report;

o Audit, analyse, evaluate, make report and give recommendation for system, procedures & internal controls in Production Process;

o Audit, analyse, evaluate, make report and give recommendation for Finance Function and IT;

o Audit, analyse, evaluate, make report and give recommendation for Inventory Costing; 



 AISC Company

Ho Chi Minh City

o Audited and Analysed Financial Statement

o Audited Cash

o Audited Accounts Receivable

o Audited Revenues

o Audited Expense

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