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Mã số ứng viên: UV978ee


Giới tính: Nữ

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director


Tour Operator Supervisor

PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                              

Gender                : Female

Day of Birth          : 09/09/1988

Language             : English, French



Van Lang University

Major:        Hotel & Restaurant Management

Degree :     Bachelor

Languages: French (Good); English (Intermediate)


o Management

o Communication

o Negotiation

o Problem solving

o Quick learning on job

o Working time arrangement

o Training the new employee

o Teamwork

o Independent working

o Using computer

CAREER OBJECTIVE                                                                                                                        

o Reach the success in tourism and become a good manager

o Get more experience to solve well all problems in tour

o Guide and train a good team work

o Learn more about sale tour, book ticket airlines,…

o Communicate well in English

WORD EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                            

05/2011-at present

Tour Operator

Nam Viet Voyage

 Ho Chi Minh City

o 10/2014 – at present : Tour Operator Supervisor (with 3 assistants)


- Have a good relationship with hotel, client, partner and my colleague

- Manage well my team work

- Win many contracts with client from other large companies in Vietnam and in Europe.

- Have a confidence from my boss

o 11/2013 – 09/2014 : Tour Operator Supervisor (with 1 assistant)

- Receive request from client and from partner in Europe

- Design program

- Ask my assistants to calculate price

- Review price

- Send to client

- Negotiate rate and give advice about program

- Ask my assistant to book all service for tour

- Review booking

- Follow payment of client

- Ask my assistant to do payment and follow tour

- Solve all problem in tour

- Finish file of client after tour

- Meet partner and client with my boss

- Guide and train new employees

- Arrange all work at company if my boss is not in Vietnam or in office

- Welcome guest and partner who come to company

o 02/2012 – 10/2013 : Tour Operator

- Design program

- Demand best rate from hotel, restaurant, vehicle

- Calculate price

- Book all service for tour

- Do payment

- Follow tour

o 05/2011 – 01/2012 : Travel Consultant

- Design program

- Demand best rate from hotel, restaurant, vehicle

- Calculate price  



Red House Restaurant  

Ho Chi Minh City

o Receptionist: receive booking, welcome clients, range table, show menu to clients

07/2010– 02/2011


LG Electronics Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City

o Receptionist: welcome to clients, receive telephone to repair, get money and send to  accountant


Housekeeper (trainee)

Rex Hotel

Ho Chi Minh City


Server for Banquet (trainee)

Equatorial Hotel

Ho Chi Minh City






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