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Mã số ứng viên: UV986d0


Giới tính: Nam

Nơi làm việc: TP HCM

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Thanh Huong_ Director



PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                                                                

Gender                : Male

Day of Birth          : 02-12-1991

Language             : English, Vietnamese.


Sep 2009-Nov 2013

Bachelor ofBiology - Ho Chi Minh City University of Science

Major: Biochemistry


o Team work as well as Independence.

o Good adaptability in new enviroment

o Good communication in Vietnamese & English.

o Good at Word, Excel, Power point Windows.

o Always put the work on the first.

o Can work under high pressure.

o Using, installation, debugging windows, softwares.

WORD EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                            

10/6/2014- present


Shiseido Viet Nam Inc

Ho Chi Minh City

o Management documentary

o Be training GMP, 5S, ISO.

o Sampling and testing microbial of raw materials, products.

o Validation of water system, air, air compressor, equipments in factory.

o Research new detergent

o Hygiene inspection staff and workers

o Physicochemical testing (pH, viscosity, density, turbidity, sensory, turbidity, measure particle…)

o Management, purchase, use and storage chemicals, equipments in laboratory.



Tai Ky Food Flour Corporation

Ho Chi Minh City

o Innovation & Renovation projects 

o Constantly gathering break-through development information in the respective product categories, competitor product information, regional development information, consumer trends as perceived through day to day interactions with ordinary citizens.

o Ensure product are safe and compliant in accordance to mandatory Tai Ky Food Flour Corporation policies (allergens, nutrition, etc) and relevant Vietnamese legislation.

o Ensure that legislative requirements are in place prior to introduce a new product to the market.

o Ensure all products circulate in the market comply with Vietnam regulatory.

o Extensive experiment in use Soxhlet extraction to quantitative determination fat in food.

2009 - 2013

Biochemical lab 

Ho Chi Minh City University of Science

Ho Chi Minh City

o  Food Biochemistry

- Experience in create bio-active enzymes.

- Experience in quantitative determination Vitamins, Sugar, Protein.

o Active natural compounds.

- Extensive experience in research English documents, application on the terms of laboratory and write reports.

- Experience in essential oils extraction, fats extraction and other natural compounds.

- Experience in test vitamin C, chitooligosacharide activity.

- Experience in research antioxidant ability of vitamin C, chitooligosacharide ...

- Experiment in design, created the antioxidant experiment protocol

- Made chitooligosaccharide from chitosan.

- Experiment in use distillation, chromatography, Soxhlet, machines, spray dryer


QC Trainee

Hoa Sen Soya cheese company

Ho Chi Minh City

o Test indicators of protein (pH, clarity)

o Test fermentation indicators (turbidity, color, and pH).

o Identification NaCl salinity.

o  Study the process and equipments in Soya cheese production.

o Study the microbial - biochemistry changes in Soya cheese production.




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